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    • Dr. Coad uses the most advanced technology available in today’s market at a very competitive price

    • 99% of patients see 20/20 or better after LASIK at Chelsea Eye in New York City.

    • Dr. Coad of Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates has been performing Laser Vision Correction for more than 15 years. He is extremely well respected in the community and is often featured in the press as an authority on corrective eye surgery.

    • Chelsea Eye is not a LASIK Center. We are a full comprehensive ophthalmology practice and Dr. Coad will be providing all your pre and postoperative care. Should you not be a candidate for LASIK, there are other vision correction procedures he can offer you with the same great payment plans.

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    Christopher T. Coad, MD, FACS is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.). He is on staff at St. Vincent's Hospital and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. He continues to travel the world exchanging ophthalmic skills as a member of the ORBIS team and lectures throughout the United States on the treatment of CMV Retinitis.

    Dr. Coad has been certified to perform several types of laser procedures including the VISX & Summit lasers for correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In addition to the thousands of ophthalmic surgeries and laser procedures he has performed on patients, he has performed laser vision correction on many other doctors.

    Dr. Coad is listed in New York Super Doctors.


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  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS WITH DR. COAD (click to read)



    1. Is LASIK safe?

    There is no such thing as risk-free surgery, but LASIK is one of the safest surgeries offered. I have performed the procedure on all three of my brothers, many other physicians including my associate and practice partner, Dr. Eviatar, and many of my staff members. Everyone has had an outstanding result.

    And, today’s iLASIK procedure makes LASIK safer than it has ever been. This advanced technology has improved the outcomes of the surgery so much that many of the previous issues with LASIK like halos have been virtually eliminated.

    2. How long have you been performing LASIK?

    I’ve been performing LASIK procedures with great success since the procedure’s inception in the early 90s. And, I’ve been doing vision correction surgery like cataract and lens implant micro surgery since 1984.

    3. Why do costs vary from practice to practice?

    There are many different reasons costs vary. Many practices cut corners in cost by performing only basic testing to check a patient’s candidacy and using older technology. And, at many LASIK centers patients often don’t get to meet their surgeon until the day of surgery. Their pre-operative and post-operative care may be handled by non-physicians which saves the center money.

    At Chelsea Eye, we do not cut corners in these ways. We believe in doing the surgery the way I would want to have it done for myself or a loved one. We do extensive testing to thoroughly determine a patient’s candidacy. I handle all pre-operative and post-operative care and spend time with my patients getting to know them and educating them on the process. And, most importantly, we use only the most advanced technology which is iLASIK.

    The way we cut corners in cost is by limiting our advertising. We believe in creating the best experience with the best outcomes for our patients and as a result, we get the majority of our patients from word of mouth.

    4. What makes Chelsea Eye different than a LASIK center?

    At our practice, my staff and I walk each patient through every step of the process and provide personal attention to everyone. Extensive testing is done to determine candidacy. The surgeon oversees all pre-operative and post-operative care. And, we use only the most advanced technology called iLASIK that will actually build a custom map of each individual eye. Therefore, each of our patients receives a custom treatment created to address their specific needs.

    And, because we are a full comprehensive eye care facility, our patients are patients for life. We can handle situations that might come up with their vision or the health of their eye and continue to care for them over their lifetime.

    My business partner and associate, Dr. Eviatar, and I own the practice so our reputation is everything. You will get to know us here and learn our background, experience, and education. Most LASIK centers do not tell you much about your surgeon and often won’t give you an opportunity to meet them until they are preparing to operate on you. Remember LASIK is surgery and you want to know who is going to operate on you and feel comfortable working with your surgeon.

    5. Why is iLASIK better than traditional LASIK?

    Traditional LASIK is a fine procedure with a long track record that has worked for millions of patients for almost 15 years.
    iLASIK is the same procedure except it incorporates the latest and most advanced technologies available today.

    This technology breaks down into two separate components. The first is a laser called Intralase that is used to create the flap. With traditional LASIK, the flap is cut with a blade. Because a blade can never be exact with how thin or precisely the flap is created, patients who have thinner corneas were not considered good candidates for LASIK. However, with iLASIK, we use a laser to create an extremely thin and precise flap every time allowing for a higher number of patients to be candidates for this procedure. Creating the flap with the Intralase laser is so precise and minimally invasive that it’s similar to etching your name into a piece of human hair. And, because the flap is this precise, it fits back into place perfectly, after we correct your vision. Think of a man-hole cover in the street. The flap acts like a human band-aid which protects the surface of the eye and begins to heal in place within hours after the procedure. Because of the exact precise cut the laser provides, flap complications that were noted with traditional LASIK are now prevented.

    The second component to this technology is a mapping system called CustomVue which allows us to provide custom LASIK. The computer creates an individualized map of the each patient’s eye so that we can address their specific needs. It simply refines the treatment parameters so that we get the most precise outcomes. We believe it improves quality of vision by decreasing unwanted side effects such as halos, blurriness, and bad night-time vision. What we have found is that many more patients wind up with even better than 20/20 vision with iLASIK because it fine tunes the treatment to create the best visual outcome for each individual eye.
    You should also know that with iLASIK, the map creates a safety precaution because it will only work on the eye it is customized to treat. Therefore, we can’t treat the wrong eye even if the prescriptions of each eye are very similar. And, the laser follows eye movement with an eye tracker. So, if the patient is nervous and shaking, it will not affect what the laser is doing. If the eye looks away, the laser actually shuts down so that it will not touch an area that it is not supposed to be treated. This advanced technology protects the patient against potential human error.

    6. Why do some doctors say LASEK and PRK are the safest procedures available?

    In our practice, iLASIK is the preferred laser vision correction procedure offered because it is safe and precise. There is also a quicker healing time and a much easier recovery for the patient making it most “patient friendly”. (And, it is the only laser vision correction procedure approved by the US Government to be performed on astronauts and fighter pilots.)
    LASEK and PRK are both surface ablation procedures and therefore no flap is created. So, it does eliminate rare complications that can be caused by flaps. However, these procedures do have an increased risk for scarring, haze, and infection. And there is a significant increase in discomfort and recovery time to the patient as the eye heals. At best, the recovery time for these procedures is 2-5 days and in general is 2-5 weeks.

    With iLASIK, the recovery time is only a few hours and is painless. And, flap complications are virtually eliminated with iLASIK because the flap is created so thinly and precisely with a laser and not a blade. Because the eye heals within just a few hours, you don’t have an open wound exposed to elements which can lead to infection. Also, the laser cuts a perfectly shaped and extremely thin flap every time, so the trauma of the surgery is less invasive reducing the risk of inflammation.

    I think it is disingenuous to say that LASEK and PRK are better procedures. My guess is that these practices probably don’t offer iLASIK because of the added expense of the equipment; therefore they are selling patients on these more traditional procedures. But, if I had to choose among the three procedures for myself, I would definitely choose iLASIK.

    7. Why do other doctors choose Chelsea Eye to have their LASIK procedure?

    My partner, Dr. Joseph Eviatar, and I have been working in this community for over 20 years and have built a very-well respected reputation amongst our peers. We have relationships with many other practices and hospitals who have recommended patients to us who have had excellent outcomes. However, I also think it is because they know we don’t cut corners. We do what it takes to provide the best outcome possible for each individual patient and have always offered the most advanced technology available because safety is more important to us than saving money.

    8. What are the risks of LASIK?

    There two main risks with LASIK are infection and inflammation. Fortunately we have never had a patient that has suffered from infection. We pre-treat with antibiotic eye drops and post-treat with antibiotic eye drops. And, sterility is taken very seriously at our practice.

    Inflammation can be more unpredictable because it is the body’s reaction to the trauma of the surgery and that is different for everyone.

    The nice thing about iLASIK is that because the eye heals within just a few hours, you don’t have an open wound exposed to elements which can lead to infection (as you would with PRK or LASEK). And, because the laser cuts a perfectly shaped and extremely thin flap every time, the trauma of the surgery is less invasive reducing the risk of inflammation.

    9. What makes you a candidate for LASIK?

    There are many parameters and extensive testing results that must be taken into consideration when determining if a patient is an ideal candidate. But, generally a candidate is someone in good health, over the age of 21 who wears glasses or contact lenses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or mixed astigmatism. Your prescription should be stable having not changed in the past 12 months. The best candidates are those whose medical eye exam, medical history and test results allow for safe and predictable outcomes.

    10. What if I’m not a candidate for LASIK?

    We offer the complete spectrum in vision correction procedures including PRK, Visian ICL lens implants and Clear Lens Exchange. Therefore, patients who come to us have the widest selection and best opportunities in refractive surgery that will give them the safest and best visual outcomes.

    11. Why is it important to choose the right doctor to perform LASIK?

    There are many good laser vision correction doctors out there, but you should research them just as you would any doctor who might be performing surgery on you. Check credentials and research success rates. You also want to meet the doctor to be sure he or she is honest and articulate. I think it is extremely important to feel comfortable with the doctor and the practice. Are the doctor and staff reachable? Does the doctor have a good bed-side manner? Can you ask questions and get answers you understand? Doctors and their assistants may be smart and qualified on paper, but, if you are uncomfortable with them or with the practice, you may not have a good experience.

    We believe very strongly in taking time with our patients, answering all their questions and walking them through the process in a way they can understand. I think this is why the majority of patients come from word of mouth because our patients have a great experience and the vast majority of them see 20/20 or better after the procedure.

    12. What if I don’t have the money right now to pay for LASIK?

    There are various payment plans and 0% interest free financing without any upfront costs that are available to you. Your surgery will cost you much less than a lifetime of wearing glasses and contact lenses. LASIK can be made affordable and possible on almost any budget. And, we will work with you to create the financing plan that will work best for you.

    13. What should I expect during the LASIK procedure?

    Since our physicians oversee all the pre and post op care, our patients get their hand held through the process. I explain the process thoroughly every step of the way. We call it “verbal anesthesia”. There are no surprises. Most of our patients find the actual procedure is painless and easy. The most uncomfortable moment is when you will feel pressure from the suction instrument on the eye, but that only lasts for a few minutes at most. And, the laser itself you will not see or feel and lasts only seconds. The whole procedure is very quick. The majority of time is spent preparing for it.

    14. What should I expect after the LASIK procedure?

    You should go straight home and take a nap (2-4 hours). This is the very best thing you can do to heal your eyes. We encourage you to sleep as long as you can. By the time you wake up, your eyes may feel a bit dry, but the flap has already healed and your vision will get better and better over the next hours and days.

  • TESTIMONIALS (click to read)



    I came to Chelsea Eye in the spring of this year to explore the possibility of having lasik on my eyes. I’ve been thinking about this for years and have always found excuses why I should wait. After more years than I can remember of being a slave to contacts and glasses, I had enough. I work in the fashion and creative industry and much of my time is spent traveling all around the world. The shear inconvenience, expense and perpetual fear of being stranded in a remote part of the world because god forbid, I run out of solution, break my glasses or loose a contact lens wasn’t worth the worry anymore.
    So I began my research. I have extraordinarily high expectations and knew I would require nothing short of a miracle from the doctor I was going to choose to perform this kind of surgery. My career, livelihood and well being depended on it. I was very thorough and took the time to visit several lasik centers ….. the more doctors I saw, the more I knew there was only one who I could really trust.
    Dr. Coad of Chelsea Eye is exceptional. He is thorough, warm, genuine, well experienced and with a stellar reputation. The staff was incredible. All were so knowledgeable and gave me the quality of care and attention I knew I desired. My lasik surgery was a out-of-pocket expenses as it was not covered by my insurance but it was worth it. Chelsea Eye is really a world class lasik center and I encourage anyone even thinking about having lasik go see Dr. Coad!
    My vision was terrible ……. I wore thick glasses (-8.00) and was completely blind. I now see better now than I ever had before. I don’t have to worry anymore. My quality of life has improved because of having lasik. This was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. And in my line of work, I cannot afford to make mistakes. I can’t thank enough Dr. Coad and his staff, Alicia, the lasik coordinator …… I now have perfect vision!

    Sam Cheow

    To Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery
    When I first heard about LASIK eye surgery, it was many years ago. I lived in a rural upstate area which didn’t offer doctors or much information. I wore very thick glasses since I was 8 years old and suffered from headaches from the thickness of the lenses.

    I was beyond ecstatic at about age 14 when I ditched the glasses, braces and zits and went for contacts. However, the contacts posed to be a challenge since I had astigmatism in my left eye.

    Contacts were a quick fix but not a longstanding solution. Contacts at least gave me the vanity I wanted, but I often found when going for eye exams, I had to compromise seeing things as clearly as I did with my glasses. I still of course had to wear my glasses at night as the pain of the lenses would get too much towards the end of the long school days.

    When I moved to New York I started dating a man who had one of the first LASIK surgeries done in New York, this was before it was with laser and he swore it was life changing and pushed me to find out more information. I was hesitant as I knew the risks involved and thought I would not be a candidate due to the astigmatism.

    Years went by and I gained a position working in fashion doing garment production at Marc Jacobs International, LLC.
    I would travel for many days on end and have long fights, although I loved my job and the travel aspect, the hassle of taking out my contacts on flights and then putting them back in on the plane became too much. I also would have to remember to always bring a spare, what if I lost a lens in Hong Kong!

    After returning from a few fast trips, I found that we had a flexible spending option thru the company which I could apply to LASIK and other various surgeries. I did some research and found that Chelsea Eye was the most acclaimed and accredited in my area.

    I was still not convinced.

    I went for my consultation and to my surprise... found -I was a candidate!! I met with Dr. Eviatar and felt more at ease with his knowledge and attention to each of his patients. I expressed my concerns and my past experiences with contacts and glasses. I wanted to be entirely sure that LASIK was the right choice for me.

    I started the prep before the procedure, I bought the nicest pair of glasses I could find, knowing that they would be miraculously, my last.

    When the day of the procedure came, I was very anxious. I could not concentrate, but when I walked into the procedure waiting room I saw that Dr. Eviatar was actually performing surgery on another patient. I watched the surgery in progress- which took all of …5 minutes! I could not believe how fast and easy the surgery was. I felt lucky to see someone else bravely proceed and then it was my turn.

    All I can say about my actual surgery was it was quick and effortless!

    I finished with the procedure with out a hitch, put on the dark glasses on to go home and rest for a few hours.
    When I awoke from my rest, I could not believe the quality and contrast of the sight I was seeing.

    I was actually BETTER than with my glasses and contacts- combined.

    To me it was a miracle. I had suffered for so long and had so many doubts.

    Now it is over 2 years after the procedure and I am the biggest Pro LASIK and CHELSEA EYE enthusiast. I am constantly informing people I see in pain from contact lenses , I tell them my story and can only feel empowered daily as I wake up to see clearer than ever before!

    Olivia Marino

    “I’m so happy I chose Dr. Coad as my physician for LASIK. I have been his patient for many years and we both felt the time was right for me to have the surgery. I had plenty of time to reflect and think about the many reasons why this would be a positive action for me to take.

    At first, I thought of the things I had always liked about my glasses. I have enjoyed them as a fashion accent. I thought about how fun it has been to pick out new frames, or even to resurrect old vintage ones. Then, I thought how I was not able to train or partake in many sports comfortably with my glasses and how when I switched to contact lenses, I often had problems with irritation and wasn’t able to wear them for extended periods of time. Not good for someone active in sports.

    Because of the type of helmet I use, I had to wear contact lenses for both free skiing and racing. At very high altitudes and traveling well over 140 mph, I was having difficulty with them staying in my eyes. I often felt them flutter during dangerous moments at the finish of a race, or even while skiing a difficult off piste run with friends.

    Like any other surgery, LASIK does have risks. As a speed skier, many people see me as a huge risk taker. The thing is that I’m a 5x World Cup Champion. I’m very good at what I do. Speed skiing is risky, but less so for me than the average skier.

    I can honestly say Dr. Coad is the best at eye care and has done thousands of LASIK procedures in NY. He is like the World Cup Champion of eye doctors. I knew by choosing iLASIK with him, I was in the best hands possible and therefore putting myself in a lower risk category.

    If you’ve ever thought about having Lasik eye surgery, you have to go for it. Life is short, you may as well see where you’re going. Now I can’t wait to speed ski and see the Alps with my own eyes!!”

    Tracie Max Sachs
    5x World Cup Champion Speed Skier

    Hello everyone, I am here today to write about Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates, CECSA for short. First off, a little background information about me. I have been wearing glasses since I was six years old. I have been diagnosed with astigmatism and farsightedness. I used to wear very thick glasses and each pair would be very expensive due to the seriousness of my prescription. I am currently in active duty in the United States Marine Corps. I have been in service for over twelve years now, and I have done many challenging duties including a tour in Iraq. The military offers the same service as CECSA, however there were stipulations that I did not meet and there was a huge waiting list of at least two to three years.

    In 2004, I went to an eye surgery center in Manhattan to see if I was a good candidate. At the time I was real nervous about the surgery since I didn’t like the idea of someone playing with my eyes. I was also not impressed with the eye surgery center, soI decided to give it time and wait. The biggest concern I had with the whole surgery is the idea of someone touching my eye. Just thinking about it still makes me eyes tear. Last year I decided it was time to go ahead with procedure, since I spent so much money on a new pair of glasses I decided to save some money and pay for the surgery myself. In November of 2008 I did my research on the whole operation procedure. This time I wanted to make sure what I was doing was right, and I wanted to pick the right doctor. I first began researching about the type of procedure, after much research I decided to go with ILASIK surgery. I looked at everything that I could find on the Internet and the library. I looked at every story about serious repercussions, risks, and recovery. I also looked closely at what to look for in an eye doctor. The biggest thing that took my attention is how many surgeries each doctor has performed. CECSA stood out on top of my research.

    My next step was to see for myself how good CECSA really was. After my initial visit I was impressed with the number of tests given and the step by step guidance given prior to surgery. They were very thorough and made me feel more comfortable about going through with the procedure. Dr. Joseph Eviatar did an outstanding job the day of the surgery. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect and how the process was going to be.

    During the procedure, due to my nervousness I couldn’t keep still. Dr. Eviatar calmed me down and proceeded with great poise. Due to his experience in and the number of surgeries he has performed he was able to complete the surgery with no problems and maintain control the entire time. During the surgery, the doctor put band aid lenses to make sure my eyes healed correctly. The next day, the doctor took off the lenses, and I saw a major difference in my vision. The post recovery was quicker than I expected it to be. Dr. Eviatar was glad to see that I didn’t have any serious repercussions from the surgery. It was a dramatic improvement right away, and he was thorough with his follow up appointments. All in all, my experience with Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates was unforgettable and a great success. I recommend them to anybody that is skeptical about the whole procedure. They will do their best to answer all your questions and to take care of you. That is my story. If you're still skeptical go see for yourself. Good Luck.

    Dear Nanci: I cannot express to you the gratitude and respect that I have for you and for everyone in your office. The courtesy, the ability, the bedside manner and the helpfulness are unparalleled. This is from the top (Dr. Coad) to the receptionist. I was originally recommended to your office a few years ago by my older daughter who previously worked for Spotco in the City. She now lives in West Hollywood, California but still insists that she be treated only by your office. I live in Northern New Jersey and it takes me about 90 minutes to get to your office. My younger daughter even lives further from your office. We don't care. Distance is a small price to pay to have the privilege of being patients of Dr. Coad and his staff.

    Please extend my appreciation to Dr Coad and further accept my appreciation for you taking the time to respond to my question.

    Shelson Stone

    Dear Dr. Coad,

    Just a note describing the experience when you performed cataract surgery and inserted a “Restore” lens in both of my eyes and the current status of my vision two years later.

    The surgery itself was comfortable, the hospital anesthesia allowed me to be awake, but with no anxiety or discomfort during the operation. Actually, the anesthesia used greatly improved my chronic back spasms!

    Within a short time after the procedure, I needed much less magnification to read and cook. Now I can read maps and small plant tags in the daylight with out the need for reading glasses. My previous dependence on a strong magnification of 3.25 is gone and I can use either 1.75 or 2.00 to read at night.

    Your office personnel are most congenial. As you know, I have worked in health care and hospital management for many years and find their level of competence and professionalism a patient’s boon.

    Joan A. Parness

    I had LASIK with Dr. Coad in October 2007, and was very happy with the procedure. I have needed vision correction since I was seven years old, and have been wearing contacts since 1993, when I was 12. I preferred contacts but was regularly wearing them for over 12 hours a day, and I knew that was not good for my eyes.

    I had a few friends who went to Chelsea Eye for their LASIK procedures and they were very happy with it, so I went in for a consultation. Everyone in the office was professional and friendly, and I did not feel pressured into getting the procedure ASAP like other practices I spoke with. Alicia, the technicians, and Dr. Coad explained everything to me, so I knew what to expect.

    My procedure went very well. My recovery was just as I had expected and I have been very happy with it ever since. I would recommend this office to anyone looking to have iLASIK.

    Nehal Beltangady

    My Lasik surgery was completed just before my last trip to Afghanistan, and I immediately felt a difference, both in my eyesight and psychologically. Even sleeping on the 14-hour flight to Dubai was so much easier. No contacts adhered to my corneas, no routing around looking for dropped glasses. I arrived and felt I had better sight than ever – and wasn’t constantly rubbing my eyes because of the dust. No bottles of solution, saline, extra contacts to drag around.

    I went skydiving soon after my surgery, and loved the freedom of not having to think about my eyesight, when really I want to be focused on the techniques and safety procedures of the sport.

    In so many aspects of my life - including noticing each vibrant leaf this fall on the trees around my house – I am thrilled to have had the surgery. It was my gift to myself in my 40th year – and it truly has changed my life for the better.

    Michelle Fanzo

    “I can see” were my words right after Dr. Eviatar from Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery finished the iLasik procedure on my eyes. I can’t believe that I was able to giveup my contacts and glasses that I have worn forever it seems. It’s great being able to wake up and go, and not be a slave to contacts or glasses anymore.
    I will admit I was a little nervous right before going in for the procedure but the xanax did calm me down. The whole thing only lasted maybe 25 minutes and the actual lasers lasted maybe 30 seconds in both eyes so it really is fast. And once your done the Dr. checks your eyes real quick and then your out and you go home and sleep.
    When I went home I slept for a couple hours and wokeup and felt good and there wasn’t any pain in my eyes.
    I did have to wear my glasses for about 2 weeks prior to the iLasik but this is to ensure the best outcome so it’s worth it I would say. The staff at Chelsea Eye was very knowledgeable and I will admit that I did some “shopping around” before finally selecting Chelsea Eye but there professionalism and knowledge is why I chose them.
    My initial search began on Google where I searched ‘laser eye surgery nyc’ and guess who the first search result was, Chelsea Eye. If you know anything about Google search results, being #1 on the very first page of the search results speaks volumes for the company in that spot and in this case it is Chelsea Eye. To even get on that first page of search results you really do have to be the best in the field and I feel Chelsea Eye is just that. “I can see” and so can you after a stop at Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery.

    Andy Mansell

    My name is Dr. Hillary Cohen and I work as an emergency room doctor in New York City.

    Prior to LASIK, I wore contacts during my long shifts in the emergency room, but halfway through the shift I would suffer from blurry vision and headaches. Glasses were not an option as they never corrected my vision fully.

    Last year I was accepted to a 2-year fellowship where I would continue my work in the ER, but also do work in international public health in rural Africa. It was a truly exciting opportunity—setting up emergency care in some of the neediest villages in Africa! My work would focus in Tanzania and Uganda, and would serve as a model for rural health care throughout these countries. However, I had a major concern. Given my past problems with my eyes in the emergency room, I was worried about traveling to remote African villages with glasses and contacts. If my glasses broke, it would not be possible to replace them. Dry dusty conditions and limited access to clean water would increase my risk of infection from contacts. 

    I talked to several doctors at the hospital where I worked, and they all recommended Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery. I contacted them prior to going to Africa and met with Dr. Evitar to learn about LASIK. After a series of test determined I was eligible, there was no turning back. The actual procedure was painless and easy, and the pre- and post-operative care was top notch. Now my 20/20 vision allows me to focus 100% on healing others—no more blurry vision or headaches!

    It is exactly a month and 4 days since my Lasik surgery and I can now write that this was the best present I have ever given myself.

    I waited to write this because, in all honesty, during the first couple of weeks I had my doubts.  Yes, I could see--there is no way to describe how fantastic, make that miraculous, it was to take a walk the morning after the operation and see the trees across the park meadow--but the initial dryness and the sensitivity made me wonder, was this worth it?
    I was so hyperconscious of having to insert drops, so acutely aware of every sensation and so scared to get water or anything else in my eye that I thought, hmmmm, maybe glasses were a better deal.

    I was wrong.  As Dr. Eviatar predicted, my eyes settled down along with my fears.  And I am profoundly glad I did this.  I can now see the sun lighting the city skyline through my window at dawn.  I can now go to a concert or the theatre and see the performers on stage. I can go to a yoga class and see exactly how my teacher is holding a pose.  I could go on and on, but suffice to say I wake up each day newly grateful for the ability to see clearly.

    More things you should know if you are considering this:  I was extremely anxious the night before and morning of the operation and anxiety is not my M.O. Indeed, I had never experienced anxiety like this. So don't be surprised if the fear demons come for a visit.
    Second, your eyes will hurt right after the procedure.  Many people make lasik surgery sound like going for a facial.  But the truth is, it's a serious procedure and you will feel it despite the drugs they give you.
    Third, treat your eyes kindly in those first few weeks. Everyone says you can do anything you want from the very next day, but I say, why rush.  Let your eyes adjust; sleep a lot; don't go to a smoke-filled party;  let them heal. They are your eyes after all. Fourth, if you are at the cusp of needing reading glasses, your up-close vision will be worse than it was when you wore glasses.  They tell you this as well, but the experience of it is different than hearing about it.  It will take a little bit of time to adjust/accept that, but in the balance, the inconvenience doesn't compare to the benefits of seeing everything else.

    Lastly, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Eviatar, Alicia Adema, his lasik coordinator, and the rest of the staff. All were extremely professional and reassuring.  They might at times seem a touch blase about the procedure, but I suspect that is because they've done thousands of these and they know that in the great majority of cases, people are wildly happy.  I know I am.

    Leonora Wiener

    I couldn’t wait to have Lasik surgery. Once I turned 22, I got the go ahead from Dr. Coad and a short two weeks later, I became contacts and glasses free. In my 22 years of life, I can most confidently say that this has been the best decision I have ever made. Every day life is so much easier without the annoying hassle of uncomfortable contacts or unflattering glasses. I now see perfectly, actually more than perfect as I have 20/15 vision. It is truly a gift that will last a lifetime.
    I appreciated the way Dr. Coad was so honest and descriptive about Lasik. In contrast, I had discussed Lasik with other doctors and they seemed to be only concerned about the compensation they would receive for the surgery. They were not concerned about answering my questions or addressing any of my concerns. I felt truly at ease with Dr. Coad and I definitely recommend him to perform your Lasik surgery.


    I was so afraid to have LASIK even though I’ve been wanting it for years.  Once I finally decided I went to Dr. Coad at Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates. 

    The result was perfection!

    I have had no problems, I see perfectly and I wish I had done this years ago ….. but if had, I wouldn’t have found the best in the business.  And Dr. Coad is the best!!

    Mario Cantone

    Having Dr. Eviatar perform iLasik on me was the best decision I've made in a long time! I had been thinking about having lasik surgery for a couple of years but was too scared to actually do it. Then I happened to attend an open house at Chelsea Eye and was immediately impressed with the quality of the staff and the presentations by the surgeons. When I asked friends and acquaintances for referrals, Chelsea Eye kept coming up. The staff gladly answered all of my questions and "held my hand" as I expressed anxiety about the procedure. The procedure itself was completely painless and extremely quick. Afterwards, I went home, slept for a few hours and was able to watch TV when I woke up that evening. At my follow up appointment the next day, I learned that my vision was already better than 20/20. I experienced some of the expected soreness and dryness but now less
    than a month later I can see better than ever without any problems.
    As a student, I didn't have to worry about missing class or having trouble getting right back to my reading/studying the day after the procedure. Best of all, I just got back from a few days at the beach and I can't begin to describe how nice it is not to have to fuss with glasses or contacts on the beach. This surgery is expensive on a student's budget but now that I'm living with the result I feel confident in saying it's worth every penny. I have already told a number of friend to go see Dr. Eviatar at Chelsea Eye. If you are thinking about having lasik surgery, this is the only place to go!

    Sam Talone

    I just wanted to be able to see my future husband’s smile as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. That became my most important reason for having LASIK. However, I had been contemplating it for a very long time.

    My eyes were exhausted. At 30 years old, I had been wearing contacts for almost 15 years after feeling frustrated with heavy and cumbersome glasses. When I began medical school, my contacts became even more irritating as my hours of reading and sleep-deprivation increased. My eyes were always dry, irritated and red. This grew even worse in residency and I often would have to resort back to glasses. However, no matter how many times I changed my prescription, my vision was never as crisp with glasses but I was just unable to tolerate contacts for so many hours while taking care of patients.

    I had asked my optometrist many years ago about LASIK and he had told me I would be a terrible candidate due to my dry eyes. I gave up hope.

    However, as I began my career as a geriatrician, I began to hear about the successes of LASIK, even with people who have dry eyes. Then, on August 9, 2006, my boyfriend proposed to me. I was ecstatic. However, I immediately began to imagine my wedding day with red, irritated eyes as I tried to focus on him walking down the aisle of my church.

    A colleague of mine had LASIK done by Dr. Eviatar at Chelsea Eye and had fantastic results. After much fear over the idea of a laser near my eye and my past recommendation to avoid the procedure, I made an appointment for screening. I was actually considered a good candidate and had all of my questions answered by my physician.

    On March 29, 2007, I had LASIK on both eyes. Afterwards, with the exception of very mild irritation for a few hours that first night, I felt fantastic and my vision had never been so crisp.

    At the hospital, I was able to take care of my patients without constantly blinking or putting drops in my eyes.

    On August 25th, I walked down the aisle and smiled happily at the crystal clear image of my soon-to-be husband. I had a beautiful wedding day and went on to a honeymoon in Tahiti, my first trip without contacts. I was able to sleep comfortably on the plane, stay worry-free on the beach when sand and wind blew, and see the underwater coral reefs and fish better than ever on a SCUBA diving trip.

    LASIK has truly changed my life.

    Laurie Rufrano






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